Chalmers Institute Needs Your Help!

Many of you know how hard Preserve Marshall County & Holly Springs, Inc. has worked to get this project to where it is today from an uncertain fate in 2009. Last night a violent storm blew through Holly Springs, leaving historic Chalmers Institute severely damaged.

This structure, built in 1837, has weathered an untold myriad of storms that have rolled across north Mississippi in the last 181 years; survived
 the American Civil War and years of neglect, before Preserve Marshall County & Holly Springs, Inc. came to be its custodian in 2009. Last night…its luck ran out.

The tree (A Very Large Tree) impacted upon the building’s Northeast corner, pretty much wiping out that room and its attendant roof structure and tearing off one of the east wall chimneys.

While we work through determining the limits of our insurance coverage on this historic building and with other agencies that might offer assistance; we will be facing some immediate costs in stabilization and then reconstruction, once the dust settles.
Our immediate concerns are:
  • Get the tree off the remaining wall to prevent further damage from the extreme weight on the wall.
  •  Execute stabilization measures so a temporary frame and plywood panels can be put into place.
  •  Tarp the structure, so that clean-up and damage assessment can be done.
We welcome your donation towards getting historic Chalmers Institute past this critical time and its recovery underway. Thank you!
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Preserve Marshall County & Holly Springs, Inc.
Chelius H. Carter, President
P. O. Box #787
Holly Springs, MS 38635
Cell# 901.336.4090

Preserve Marshall County & Holly Springs, Inc. (501c3) formed in 2005 with the hope of bringing historic preservation advocacy and educational outreach to the community. As one of our inaugural undertakings we acquired Chalmers Institute and are currently working to not only pay off the bank note on the property but to stabilize and eventually rehabilitate Chalmers Institute into regional resource once more. Constructed in 1837, Chalmers Institute, was Mississippi’s first legislatively recognized University. Within these walls countless leaders, writers, educators, and citizens received the educational foundations that would help to shape their lives, careers, and region’s history. Its enrollment actively continued until 1879 when it became another casualty of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878. This proud structure entered its second life as residence until the 1980s. It now awaits its third life as a contributing member of the community with your help.